I am an artist and designer of furniture, sculpture, light, fabric, jewelry, and space. Sharing how I see the world.
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
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So here are the images from my final 4th year design project, sorry its taken me so long to upload them uni has been as busy as ever. The brief was to design a backpackers with medium density housing in Raumati Beach. I decided to go with medium density rent ‘a’ Bach accommodation. We also had to base our project around an ecology, I used erosion due to the coastal location the problem/threat of erosion was very relevant. I raised the building onto piles to allow the ground below to erode over time, and used a roof deck to expand the viewing platform on the hill directly behind my building. I split the building into three with one being the reception area, another the main accommodation and the third a restaurant/bar/cafe.